Even American Shoppers Realize....

June 5, 2009

west coast shoppers 010609

I am falling in love with MLC2…..have been taking videos in Yosemite, right, left and centre (or center, as the folks here say!)

Yesterday, I was walking to the Farmers’ Market from home…it’s just a nice walk down Delmar Boulevard….and I was hailed by a couple asking for directions! I was zapped, because it NEVER happens in the US…they were asking me where Skinker Blvd was.

First, go to


and type in

Moonrise Hotel, St Louis, MO, and zoom in to see where the Moonrise Hotel is, and where Skinker is…it’s barely a few yards from the hotel!

I told them that they were walking AWAY from Skinker, and that they could reverse direction and come with me, as I would cross Skinker on my way to the market. So they started walking with me. I asked them if they were visiting St Louis, and the boy young adult male person) said that he had been accepted for the Master’s Program in Architecture in Wash U! And the girl young adult female person said that the two of them had met while in undergrad at U of Illinois, and that she would be taking up medical studies shortly. So…these are two educated young adults!

In that case, what were they doing, walking 180 degrees (why is there no “degree” symbol on the keyboard?) in the wrong direction, and asking random people for directions? They said they were looking for accomodation for him and wanted to go to Rosedale Ave. I asked them if they had not looked it up on Google maps, and got two blank looks! So I told them in detail that their hotel (a rather expensive one for two students to be staying in, I must say, a couple of wealthy people we know didn’t stay there as they felt it was too expensive!) would definitely have internet, and how they should look up the address on Google maps (why they could not ask the prospective landlord for directions also puzzled me), and take a printout and then go there….

There’s going to be one architect and one doctor in the US in a few years, whom I am not about to consult!