Concerts in Forest Park

May 21, 2009

I had been seeing announcements of the concerts on Tuesday evenings at Forest Park , but got to go only yesterday.

Here’s the poster in front of the History Museum:

190509 twilight tuesdays

When I left, at about 7.30pm, the crowds were there in full force, and the place was looking very festive: concert 190509 Here's a panoramic video that I took; it's less than a minute long, and you can hear the music and get a flavour of the crowd: The concert wound up quite punctually at 8.30pm, and I was reminded of the phrase, "the Arabs fold their tents and steal away".... 190509 tents folded I followed a lot of people going home; the only difference was, they were going to their cars, and I was walking home! people going home 190509

I would be glad if someone told me what this kind of music is…I enjoyed it, but don’t know anything about it, except that it’s definitely not jazz, gospel, or the blues, or soul….or country, come to that…I seem to know a lot of what it’s NOT!

Next week, it’s the Motown Revue, which is one of KM’s favourites….and from today, there’s The Merry Wives of Windsor by Shakespeare at Forest Park, too….I am, indeed lucky that DnA chose to buy their home close to this lovely urban park!