jO vAdA kiyA vOh nibhAnA padEygA...Taj Mahal

May 19, 2009

I was listening to the songs on a playlist sent to me by and came, by various links, to this all-time favourite of mine:


Jo Vaada Kiya Woh Nibhaana Padega Roke Zamaana Chaahe Roke Khudaai Tumko Aana Padega

Tarasti Nigaahon Ne Aawaz Di Hai Mohabbat Ki Aahon Ne Awaaz Di Hai Jaane Hayaa Jaane Ada Chodo Tarsaana Tumko Aana Padega

Ye Maana Hamein Jaan Se Jaana Padega Par Ye Samajh Lo Tumne Jab Bhi Pukaara Humko Aana Padega…

Hum Apni Wafaa Pe Na Ilzaam Lenge Tumhe Dil Diya Hai Tumhe Jaan Bhi Denge Jab Ishq Ka Sauda Kiya, Phir Kya Ghabraana Humko Aana Padega

Chamakte Hain Jab Tak Yeh Chaand Aur Taare Na Tootenge Ab Keh Do Paimaan Hamaare Ek Doosra Jab De Sadaa Hoke Dewaana Humko Aana Padega

One who has promised, must keep that promise No matter whether the world stops one, or even God

The eager eyes have called; the sighs of love have called Oh, one with the lovely ways and mannerisms, stop have to come…

I admit that I have to leave this world But understand that whenever you call, I must come…

I will not bear my loyalty being questioned;I have given you my heart, I will give you my life too When I have made a pledge of love, why worry, I must come…

As long as the moon and stars shine, tell (them) our love will not break When we madly gave ourselves to each other, we have to come….

My translation is NOT good, I want some better ones please…?....

I have not put in my usual phonetic spelling as it’s toooo much of a bother!

Update: brought to my mind what I had forgotten long ago...that there is a sad version of the song, too:

Thanks A! It was wonderful to see these long-forgotten words.