May 10, 2009

First the skies give the signal…

sun thru clouds 090509

(Note: this one’s for as was this morning)

There's an arching need to find a companion: arch 080509 subash visit (Note: I took this when we took our friend Subash for a sight-seeing drive yesterday) So they go and get paired off.... wedding grp photo forest park 080509 (Note: a lot of wedding groups come to have their photographs taken in Forest Park) Then the Nativity inevitably occurs: nativity st l 090509 (Note: that's a permanent decoration on a home that I pssed on one of my walks) And the net result is a disgusted-looking individual: kavya 1 week old 090509 (Note: that was yesterday before the drive; K did NOT like that head-bow at all, it was removed very soon!) And we come to the conclusion...that domesticity is...for the birds! red cardinal 090509 (Note: I finally managed to spot a RED CARDINAL rather far away, this morning.)

Anyone wants to learn how to connect up totally random photographs? I am going to run a workshop soon….I will call it “ Finding the Narrative”!

D’s parents have arrived for a visit, it promises to be a hectic weekend.