May 6, 2009 a terrible thing. It follows no rationality; when once a suspicion takes root in someone’s mind, s/he no longer can think things out properly, or get a proper perspective on facts. Only the suspicion remains in the person’s mind, looming large and blotting out all logical thinking.

And the sad thing is, even when the suspicion proves to be unfounded, the person will not apologize or even completely let go of the mind-set…the devil of suspicion has not been vacated from the mind, but lurks in the dark corners and alley-ways of the mind, to leap up victoriously at the very next occasion it is possible to.

Iago knew what he was doing; as Agatha Christie says, he was the perfect murderer, because he evoked doubt and suspicion in Othello’s mind, and when Othello murders Desdemona, it was Iago’s “fine Italian hand”…and the deadly weapon of suspicion…that was at work.

I hate suspicious poeple. What sourpusses they are, always harbouring their secret doubts and negative thoughts, and always coming out with accusations that are mostly not true…and even, in the few instances that they ARE true, the negativity of the accuser and his anger and hatred are all that remain.