May 6, 2009

We went to the Missouri Baptist Hospital today for A, and on the way in, we saw this sad sight, of a dead bird…

dead bird 050509

And when I came home and switched on my laptop and went to my LJ friends’ list, the first post I saw was one with these words:

” the very same day I wrote (a) poem, I saw this dead bird underneath a car in my parking lot. So weird and scary! Yes, because the poem I wrote was about a bird that fell down and broke into pieces eventually losing its life … And then I see this dead bird for real.”

Now that’s co-incidence on co-incidence, indeed!

...I couldn't find a match for this bird; could it be a caged songbird that had flown away, and was therefore killed by some predator? Or perhaps, died of the unaccustomed cold, and the inability to find food?