Picture of Domestic Felicity....

May 4, 2009

Yes, I do know doves in St Louis are plentiful to the point of becoming pests (like rock pigeons are in Bangalore)…but still, at the Botanical Center, when I saw this sight, it felt very nice indeed!

nesting mourning doves botanical center st L 260409

Those are MOURNING DOVES…these two certainly don’t have a lot to mourn about; their nest is not likely to be disturbed or predated in the middle of the Botanical Center!

And if you want to see the kind of “atoot bandhan” (unbreakable tie) that they share…

atoot no.plate 010509 st l

Hey, , I am waiting for some more from you!

As I said earlier..the way two creatures find each other and share a special bond, beyond everything else, is one of the most mysterious and beautiful things I know.