A new symbol for the Rupee

April 3, 2009


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I can’t understand…

  1. Why most of these symbols seem so hung up on the “two short lines” that is associated with the Euro symbol. Shows a great lack of creativity in those who designed these symbols, I think.

2.What’s wrong with the “Rs.” as it is? Why do we need ad agencies and Govt agencies spending HUGE sums of money(whether Mohur, Rupyah, or Dum..gold,silver and copper…) to design something else (which might add to the devaluation of said Rs., too?)

  1. Why not have an “Ag” symbol, (Latin for silver…Argentum)or the Sanskrit symbol for silver which is what “rupaiah” actually connotes, “currency of silver”? (the wiki entry says the Sanskrit word for “wrought silver is “rup” …also meaning “form”, or “rupyah”..and “rupyakam” is “coin of silver” ) ?

Let’s face it, the Rupee. at over 50 to the dollar, is never going to be a Gold Standard, so let’s at least make it Silver across the world!