Bannerghatta, 140309

March 20, 2009

Last Saturday was a great day; Veena wanted several of her friends to come along for a birding trip, so we all went to Bannerghatta … was also here for the weekend, and the LJ part of the crowd was , , IALL, and me....

The NTP group consisted of Anush, Mohanvee, Jyothi (who is taking the NTP next weekend) and me….

What better way to start a morning than the song of a lark? Here’s the INDIAN BUSHLARK, which was singing sweetly on the wire outside the JLR Restaurant:

indian bushlark 140309 bg

Some of the SEED PODS were so beautiful to look at! 140309 seed pods bg Yumm...some of the JACKFRUIT trees near the Herbivore Safari Area were fruiting.... jackfruit 140309 bg I spotted this ROCK AGAMA on! rock agama 140309 bg And of course, the common yet lovely BLUE TIGER: 140309 blue tiger bg To give an idea of the variety of bird sightings one can get, here goes...let's start with the ORIENTAL WHITE-EYE, this one is feasting on the red figs.... oriental white eye eating figs bg 140309 I was lucky to spot this BOOTED EAGLE soaring along with the common BLACK KITES in the sky...thank you for confirming the id, AMS of Delhi, and Kiran Srivastava of Mumbai! booted eagle bg 140309 I liked this shot of the CHESTNUT-TAILED STARLING taking off from the tree: chestnut tailed starling in flight bg 140309 And as if to encourage the first-time birders, this COMMON HAWK-CUCKOO (called the "brain fever bird" because its call is supposed to sound like "brain-feeever! brain-feever!") came and sat not too far away: common hawk cuckoo 140309 bg Here's a WHITE-CHEEKED BARBET, which I call a Greedy Fig! small green barbet with figs 140309 bg This ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER gave a kind of text-book pose! asian brown flycatcher bg 140309 And let's not forget our old friend, the TICKELL'S BLUE FLYCATCHER.... tickell's blue flycatcher bg 140309 I saw the SCIMITAR BABBLER for the first time: scimitar babbler bg 140309 We loved the orange flashes of the SMALL MINIVETS: small minivet 140309 These RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS swooped around, hawking for insects, and then decided to perch and pose for us... red-rumped swallow 140309 bg We also saw the ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER and the WHITE-THROATED FANTAIL FLYCATCHER, but couldn't get good photos of them. It was, truly, flycatcher day at Bannerghatta that day! This PLAIN PRINIA also put in an appearance, as if to say that the world didn't only belong to the flashy flycatchers, "plain" birds ruled, too! plain prinia 140309 bg The macaques were fun to watch, as usual; I call this "Bride, Grooming, and Baby"! mother,child,aunt 140309 bg Actually, that was two females and a baby...but I must fit the picture to my puns!

I finally took a couple of shots of the flash-of-electric-blue-as-it-flies WHITE-BREASTED KINGFISHER, sitting and calling atop a bamboo shoot:


And lastly, here is the group who went that day (except <LJ user=”anushsh” who dropped out of breakfast plans)….we all went to Brahmins’ Coffee Bar, and sat in the Kannade Katte, and had a wonderful time, soaking in all the luminaries of our land! We picked up KM on the way there and he enjoyed the idli-vada as much as those who went to this world-famous-in-Basavanagudi spot for the first time…!

140309 Kannada Katte Basavanagudi Brahmins'

Oh, the image is too large so the entire right-hand-side contingent, including the two Mohans, have been cut off…to see the photo, click here

I am off to Bannerghatta (this time, the Elephant Corridor beyond the large quarry)…so my Ragihalli (last Sunday) post will have to wait a little…sorry…too many domestic chores have resulted in a gol (that’s backlog!)….