HUGE indiscretion

March 13, 2009

I thought I was posting some information about one person to another, both of whom are undergoing a lot of difficulties… and posted it to a whole egroup….I am feeling utterly miserable. This is the kind of damage that I cannot undo; and to talk more about it would only make it worse.

The worst part is that the person concerned is extremely sweet-natured, and has quietly overlooked such a bad gaffe on my part….and will probably forgive me whole-heartedly, too..that makes me, actually, feel worse.

I wish I was more careful….but as a friend said, I cannot repine too much over it, but must be very, very careful in future..I am normally very careful whom I email about what..I cannot remember committing such a crime before…but that doesn’t excuse what I have done.

The point is, how I am feeling pales in comparison with how the other person must be feeling…

Why am I such a KLUTZ! Yes, I realize that I am not alone, and that it was a slip…but that doesn’t make things better at all.

I could easily walk under a cockroach, with room to spare.

I just got an email from someone pointing out a factual error in a post that I had made on Citizen Matters. I sent an apology to the person…and it bounced. But I was able to rectify the error immediately online.

I wish the other mistake could be rectified like that,simply and easily!