All the things that got broken this weekend can be repaired....

March 1, 2009

Yesterday I was on my way to the Heritage Walk when someone whom I had been trying to contact all morning, called on my mobile. I was awkwardly getting out of an auto….so my bag fell down…and my precious MLC (Canon S3)…isn’t working any more. Off to Thomas of Cambridge Layout tomorrow…wish me luck folks, it’s like my child is having surgery..I am SO attached to that camera!

, I would like to see your photographs too... Luckily, Divya had a new S5, and she just took out her SD card, I put in mine, and used it to take all the pictures...and Malleswaram was a treasure of heritage indeed! Thank you, Divya, that was indeed nice of you. I just typed "sugery"and the ads next to my LJ window changed to all sorts of medical ads! Something else nearly got broken for good; I was almost on the point of cutting off something, but I decided, it's worth the effort, swallowed my frustrations and feelings and am persevering...and I think it's going better now. I hope my efforts are not in vain! Q. What did Dracula say about the beautiful lady? A. I love her in vein. I am in one of my silly moods, when I miss giggling uncontrollably and idiotically with that daughter of mine, over everything and nothing... Wish me luck with my poor little MLC, and I hope I don't have to pay out a very large sum as a repair bill! I had a wonderful weekend so easy trip to Bannerghatta with Vijay Hegde (for once, no one else was free...we just took a Number 365 from my front gate to Bannerghatta and came back the same way!). Here are the white lilies on the plake (between a pond and a lake) near the Bannerghatta Butterfly Park area.... white lilies bg lake 280209 Doesn't give a great sense of serenity?