Sunrise at Turahalli...dedicated to

February 25, 2009

To cheer myself up after all that age-related morbidity…a set of pictures, capturing the sunrise at Turahalli last Sunday.

The melting, and strengthening, of colours is astonishing…



predawn colours turahalli

Then the sun rises:

runrise on bldgs turahalli

sunrise black and orange

The sun behind the peepul tree at the top of the little hillock:

sun behind peepul tree at top 220209 turahalli

And behind the rocks:

rock sunrise turahalli 220209

And finally, after the day is established, the wonder of the cloud patterns in the sky…

cloud formation turahalli 220209

Oh…you want to see a very, very beautiful image of exactly the same shot? Go to

and see Mahesh’s shot…

Mahesh is one cameraman I have a very high regard for. He has taken the trouble to know his camera thoroughly…and is so generous about sharing the info with others, too. A trip with him is a lesson in photography each time. His composition is excellent, he elicits the best colours out of the image, and does judicious post-processing….I don’t know if he will have his work on National Geographic or win awards (I suspect not!)…but hats off to him for his photography skills! I know that if and when he reads this, he will think that I am making a big thing out of nothing!’s a great pleasure when Mahesh and Priya (she has a cooking blog!) come along on a birding trip!

Use LJ-cut? Naaaaah….

Oh…these are completely un-retouched pictures. No photoshop, no Picasa, no GIMP….as I once learnt from , WYSWYG...what you see is what you get!