Is it good?

February 23, 2009

It’s good…

That I had the time and the leisure to be able to watch the Oscars, well, missed the first half an hour because of my walk, but almost nothing thereafter)

That “Smile Pinki” won an award…that little girl is a true heroine, as is the surgeon who operated on her!

That “Slumdog Millionaire” (SDM) won so many of those “shampoo bottles” as Kate Winslet called them!

That Rahman won the best score and best song awards.

That Jerry Lewis won the Humanitarian award.

That excellence is awarded such recognition.

That these awards are given to anyone, no matter which part of the world s/he is from….I can just imagine, in Karnataka, we would have a huge demand that only Kannadigas should be given such awards! (In fact parochialism has reached such heights in India that I often wonder when we are going to decide that we don’t want a Gujrati old man’s picture on our currency notes…!)

It’s bad….

That four hours of a Monday morning (well, most of it, anyway) were taken away by TV, and I will be struggling to catch up on the Ork of the Day.

That Rahman has won Oscars for something I consider to be far below his best work.

That so many people who are equally excellent in their endeavours go without recognition, or miss an award by a short margin….

That my mind is occupied with these musings instead of getting on with the review of the completely interactive theatre performance that I watched yesterday….

Meanwhile, here are two scenes from the Tungabhadra river at Hampi, about which I hope to make a post today…

The peaceful river and the eternal rocks, in the gathering dusk…

tungabhadra sunset 170109

And two boys, like generations of boys before them, who have taken to the water and are enjoying themselves a lot…

170109 boys in the river