Sad facts of life....

February 17, 2009

When a baby is fed, and full, and happy– Full also often describes the nappy.

When a body is immersed in water, the doorbell, the landline, the mobile phone and the intercom take turns to ring.

The outlet pipe on the washing machine will break 3.15etc etc minutes after the maid leaves for the day.

If there is a fork in the road which your south-of-India wildlife safari jeep is taking, and the tourist wearing the bright red tee-shirt has taken the left one, guess which one you will take. And guess who would have seen the tiger at the end of the evening.

There will not be a single pen that writes, in all the motley crowd in the pen stand next to the phone, when some numbers or messages have to be written down urgently.

Posted wedding invitations will not reach those people who are the most likely to take offence.

If you forget someone’s name, you will meet them at least twice more in situations where you have to introduce them.

The person whom you HATED in school will be the one held up as a shining example for the rest of your life. Thirty years later, you will be asked and told, “Oh, you were XYZ’s classmate,were you? How lucky for you!”

Switch off your camera and close the lens properly with the lens cap. This is the surest way for the most elusive raptor ever to come sailing overhead. ,

Remember that thingummyjig you threw away yesterday? That’s the spare part on the gizmo that your husband has been looking for, for weeks….