The Rhino Skin

February 9, 2009

A friend on INW wrote,in response to this photo that I posted :

I guess this is what we in human lingo call - Deep skin cleaning, and waste all that money for some very questionable cream when the Rhino gets it all done for free and as far as my understanding goes have a far better and lustrous skin than we do :-)

what inspirational words those were. I promptly decomposed:

The Rhino has a lustrous skin; The glow doesn’t,however, come from within; The tall egret and the hopping mynah Are what makes its skin shiniah and finah. But tell me–really–for two pins Would you really exchange your skins? Would you like a skin like a Rhino? Why don’t you say “yes”? Why “NO!”? If your skin was cleaned by an egret Would you really feel any regret? I’m sure skin that’s picked over by a mynah Will be smooth and shiny as fine bone china!

I could go on like this for hours….Silly Verse Time!