Happiness and Pleasure

January 26, 2009

When one’s a child, I think that happiness is the same as pleasure. Watch a child’s face light up as s/he gets what he wants, for that moment at least. This instantaneous happiness is perhaps why so many of us remember our childhoods as “happy days”.

blowing bubbles b'ghatta 180108

Growing up separates happiness from pleasure. Gratification may bring pleasure, but it does not bring happiness. Material possessions, success, beauty and breeding may bring pleasure and pride, but not (necessarily) happiness.

And to realize that happiness, or the capacity for it, lies entirely within oneself…that often takes more than a lifetime to learn.

Life’s as fleeting as the bubbles these delightful little girls are blowing on their Sunday outing, and yet happiness is lasting….

Oh my goodness, philosophy in the small hours.