Other Stuff from Daroji 16 and 170109

January 24, 2009

Apart from the birds and the mammals, there was a lot to look at and learn in the Daroji area! The learning process started with the very first RHINOCEROS BEETLE I have seen:

170109 rhino beetle bellary sanmart'shome

This beautiful creature quickly burrowed into the grass on the lawn, and would not budge from the, literally, grassroots! rhino beetle in grass 160109 bellary From Bellary, we drove to Daroji, where we stayed at the Forest Guest House; here's the signboard: forest guest house daroji 170109 This is one the best Forest Guest Houses I have ever stayed in. Clean sheets, towels and napkins; plenty of hot water, and clean rooms...excellent! forest guest house daroji 170109 We did see many wild flowers and fruit, and I have put them up, mostly un-ided... The WILD JASMINE spread its heady scent wherever we went (and that's poetry!) scented flower 170109 The FIGS of the PEEPUL TREE made a colourful picture... peepul with small figs 170109 The LION'S PAW PLANT looked quite wicked and ready to hurt! lioin's paw plant I got this unknown purple flower just because it looked so beautiful! purple wildflower snapdragonish 170109 This flower looked as if someone had just touched it with a scarlet paintbrush! white flower with scarlet "helipad" 170109 The DANDELIONS looked lacy against the evening light: dandelion backlit 170109 Eve the common flowers of the GOURD family looked great: yellow gourd flower 170109 hampi On the University (named after Ku Vem Pu) lake, the drying lily leaves took on this wonderful colour: drying lily leaf 170109 univ lake I also saw this snake-skin that had been shed by some non-poisonous snake (apparently only non-poisonous ones have this triangular shape)... shed snake skin univ lake area 170109 The fruit pods of some kind of ACACIA PLANT were also copper-coloured and lovely to see: colourful pod of acacia plant This was some unknown seedpod, just look at its beauty! un id seed pod hampi 170109 I could not id either of these FRUIT: un id fruit univ lake area 170109 un id fruit forest guest house area

This perfectly-shaped SNAIL SHELL seemed to round off our trip…

snail shell daroji 170109

So, at sunset, we bid goodbye to Daroji and Hampi and set off for Bellary and our overnight train:

daroji sunset 170109