Butterflies of Valparai

January 15, 2009

Most of the butterflies we saw are completely unknown to me, so I am just going to post the pics here and ask one of my better-informed friends for the id’s and update…

Let’s start with this beauty…

Update: Thanks to Rohini for some id’s…. this is the CLIPPER:

looks like oleander moth bfly 110109

and... b'fly looks like red spot duke 110109 remember that butterflies have dry-season and wet-season appearance, and open-wing and closed-wing appearance, and God knows what other variations... Probably LARGE FOUR LINE BLUE (what sort of name is that?) chalakkudy road bfly looks like cerulean 110109 this could be one of the others again, I have no way of knowing.. orange-and brown edge b'fly 110109 This orange lovely flitted among the lantana flowers: orange diamond-shaped b;fly on lantana 110109 Even a dead butterfly was a splash of peacocky colour: dead bfly like paris peacock the only one I knew the id of was this BLUE TIGER: blue tiger 110109 This blue-and-grey one left me stumped, too: un id blue and greypatch b'fly nor do I know what this blue-bodied one is (Rohini tells me it is the SAILOR or SAILER, I don't know which the right spelling is): black and white patch bfly with blue body 110109 However, this DAMSELFLY I knew, and it looked beautiful amongst the strands of cobwebs, too! damselfly 110109

At the very end of the trip, I found this huge WASPS’ NEST:

wasps' nest rd to coimbatore 110109