Two raptors on the same tree within a matter of minutes

January 13, 2009

It rarely happens…but it’s great when it does!

We got off to explore the Monkey Falls (I am not joking, the area is really called that, I suppose because of the large number of bonnet macaques around…but when I hear “Monkey Falls”, I feel like asking, “and does it get up again?”) area on the way from Coimbatore to Valparai.

Far away, we saw this bird soaring:


The markings were umistakable, it was the CRESTED SERPENT EAGLE!

The bird then came and landed on a dead tree:


We photographed it (the tree was pretty far off) and went down further, but within minutes, we saw what we thought was the same bird on the tree:


This one, too, took off from the tree, and soared quite high up in the air:


It was only later, when we looked at our images, that we realized that the second bird was a


So it was very funny to have a Crested Serpent Eagle “change” into a Changeable Hawk Eagle…most unexpected bonanza of two raptors in just a few minutes!