Flowers and Plants of Kaziranga and Nameri

January 9, 2009

Here are the flowers and plants (of course, often un id’d) that I enjoyed seeing in Kaziranga and Nameri…

Update: Arun tells me this is the Spider flower:

lilac flowers near bridge kathpora 121208

That's the BAUHINIA PURPUREA, which will soon bloom in Bangalore, too: bauhinia purpurea 141208 kazi And, from the same family the BAUHINIA ALBA: bauhinia alba nameri 161208 Some un id flowers that are a delightful mauve: I never found out if these are buds or fruits: nameri 151208 un id bud-like pods potsali camp These were fruits, I never knew their name, but they attracted a lot of birds: Photobucket These yellow flowers were small and delicate... un id yellow flower 141208 kazi These white flowers look like the Flocurtia that blooms in Lalbagh: un id flocurtia like flower kazi 121208 These small purple flowers had a lot of cotton stainer bugs over them: un id small mauve flowers on which stainer bugs were 121208 These un id fruits were clumped together on the tree-trunk: un id vilva like fruits kazi 121208 These red flowers and the grass gave a delightful "bouquet" effect: un id red flowers and lacy grass 121208 kazi These white flowers were really the "stars of the forest"! star like flowers nameri 161208 Even leaves looked stunning in the forest light: light through the leaves 131208 kazi And one tree just had showers of flame.... un id flowering tree jaibharolli riverbank nameri 161208 assam

Even coffee-berries (yes, they have coffee, too, in Assam!) looked beautiful in the sunlight!

coffee berries 121208 kazi

Will post some more, once I am back from Top Slip…but then, I hope to get some more beautiful images from there, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone.