Butterflies and Insects of Kaziranga and Nameri

January 7, 2009

OK, well, this is going to be a nice short post. I know DS (Diddly Squat) about butterflies and am still trying to distinguish between a Crimson Rose and a Common Rose…I am definitely a South Indian Duffer in this field!

So, I just clicked some of them as I saw them; Karthik helped me out with some, and I hope the readers will help me out with the others…

I saw several butterflies, for some reason, with gray/white and black patterns. I wonder why they are so prevalent? This one’s the GREY COUNT:

grey count kaziranga 121208

Also dark and biege was this NIGGER: nigger 121208 kazi Here's one that I found in the Pygmy Hog Centre, Guwahati: whitish b'fly pygmy hog centre 161208 This is the COMMON PIERROT, quite decorative! common pierrot 131208 I think the PUNCHINELLO is named after a character in the Italian opera: punchinello nameri 161208 This un id butterfly was on the pathway in the Pygmy Hog Centre in Guwahati: un id rusty diagonal white band b'fly pygmy hog centre guwahati 161208 Update: Kiran Srivastava of Mumbai tells me it is the STRIPED ALBATROSS. I think this is the COMMON FIVE-RING but correct me if I'm wrong! common five ring? We found this beautiful HANDMAIDEN MOTH (wonder how it got that name!) right in front of our cottage at Wildgrass.... handmaiden moth outside wildgrass cottage 131208 I found many COTTON STAINER BUGS on the wildplants in Nameri, around the Eco Camp: cotton stainer bugs nameri potsali camp 151208 In Kaziranga, on the first day, we marvelled at the architecture of this ANTS' NEST: ants nest nameri 141208

I close with this really beautiful (un id) MOTH that I saw in Nameri, too, in the Potsali Camp trekking area:

moth nameri potsali camp 161208

If anyone can help me with the id’s..I would be full of grate!