Birds of Kaziranga

January 5, 2009

This post is of NO interest whatsoever to anyone who is not interested in birds, so on to the next friend’s post…..

And for those who are interested, I have posted such a variety of bird pics, that you need to look only when you have leisure. I realized that so many factors are conspiring against my posting bit by bit as I want to do, so am just listing out all tbe birds I caught, as I have to do a mammals post and a butterflies post and a Wildgrass post and a Shillong post and a…..

I think I should give up either photography or travelling…or posting!

OK, here goes, starting with the LESSER ADJUTANT STORK:

lesser adjutant stork 121208 central range

There were plenty of ASIAN PIED STARLINGS;must look out for them now in Bangalore, too. asian pied starling wildgrass 121208 This GOLD-FRONTED LEAFBIRD, so difficult to see in Bangalore, was jumping high in the canopy at Wildgrass: gold-fronted leaf-bird wildgrass kaziranga 121208 We have the golden oriole in Bangalore, but here was the BLACK-HOODED ORIOLE: black-hooded oriole wildgrass 121208 The WHITE-RUMPED SHAMA, that we sighted briefly in Valley School in Bangalore, was far more visible in Kaziranga: white-rumped shama 131208 SMALL BLUE KINGFISHERS are also quite common: small blue kingfisher kazi eastern 131208 I got this DARTER (SNAKE BIRD) sunning itself when we crossed a bridge: darter central range 131208 The water attracted a lot of waders, like this GREENSHANK: greenshank 121208 This GREEN SANDPIPER, too, wandered along the riverbank: green sandpiper 131208 Another lifer for me was the RED-BREASTED PARAKEET: red-breasted parakeet 141208 I snapped this raptor, which my friend AMS id'd as a JUVENILE RUFOUS-BELLIED EAGLE: juv rufous-bellied eagle? Another Bangalore winter visitor, the SPOT-BILLED PELICAN, was around in Kaziranga, too: spot-billed pelican taking off I saw several PALLAS' FISH EAGLES, this one was taking some soft furnishings back to his home! pallas fish eagle getting nesting material I was also lucky to see this beautiful raptor, the PEREGRINE FALCON: peregrine falcon 131208 eastern range kazi There were COMMON STONECHATS everywhere, too, but generally far away: common stonechat 131208 One other old friend was the ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARD: oriental honey buzzard The BLACK-NECKED STORK took fright, and flight: black-necked stork in flight This GREATER FLAMEBACK woodpecker was quite busy! greater flameback We saw a kill, and next to it was a LONG-BILLED VULTURE, a bird that is endangered, and not easy to find in south India. long-billed vulture 131208 The BLUE-BEARDED BEE-EATER made a great multicolour subject! blue-bearded bee-eater I thought of when I saw these BAR-HEADED GEESE (which is what we call those who are heading for the pubs in Banglaore): kazi eastern 131208 bar headed geese They made a lovely picture, flying: bar-headed geese flying Two WOOLLY-NECKED STORKS sat around: woolly-necked storks 131208 This ALEXANDRINE PARAKEET sat too high for me to take its typical red spots on the wings: alexandrine parakeet 131208 Our guide told us this was the STORK-BILLED KINGFISHER, which I had once had a glimpse of in Bheemeshwari when I went there with ...I got a perfectly terrible shot of it, I remember, it was about 3 days since I had started using the 20D!....Here it is: black capped kingfisher kazi e 131208 There was also a GREAT EGRET, I have learnt to tell the great egret from the intermediate one by the length of its eye near the end of its bill. great egret 131208 eastern I enjoyed clicking the colourful GREY JUNGLE FOWL: grey jungle fowl nameri patsoli camp 151208 A very good sighting was of these SWAMP FRANCOLINS (our guide called them Grey Francolins, but the markings match only the Swamp ones) swamp francolin Francolinus gularis 131208 There were BRONZE-WINGED JACANAS, here's a juvenile: bronze-winged jacana 131208 Now I am giving you the birds that I saw in the grounds of Wildgrass Resort in half an hour, while waiting for the safari jeep... The RUFOUS TREE-PIE finally posed for me in Kaziranga after skulking in the bushes in south India and in Kanha too... rufous treepie 141208 This GREEN IMPERIAL PIGEON looked calmly at me... green imperial pigeon 141208 The GREY-HEADED CANARY FLYCATCHER was a first-timer for me: grey-headed canary flycatcher 141208 wildgrass The ever-present LONG-TAILED SHRIKE was making a meal of a beetle (I can imagine its wife telling it reprovingly, "You're hitting the beetle too much these days, dear." (I have posted a similar picture of a shrike devouring a beetle in my Tanzania post.) long-tailed shrike with beetle This WHITE WAGTAIL was nodding about, tail wagging, along the emptied-out pool of the resort: white wagtail wildgrss 141208 And one of the trees in the garden was just covered with these YELLOW-FOOTED GREEN PIGEONS! yellow-footed green pigeon 141208 kazi wildgrass On a silk-cotton tree, this TREE PIPIT hopped around as I desperately tried to get a halfway decent shot: tree pipit 141208 And in the foliage sat a VERDITER FLYCATCHER, which I have seen in Valley School! verditer flycatcher Off we went on the safari, and we saw this ASIAN BARRED OWLET: asian barred owlet 141208 kazi Soon it was raptor time, and this GREY-HEADED FISHING EAGLE came into view (we saw several during our trip) grey-headed fishing eagle Far in the distance sat an old friend, the CRESTED SERPENT EAGLE: crested serpent eagle 141208 </lj-cut> As I was making this post, it turned 2 am, and promptly the BSNL server message went from "automatic" to "manual"...I could no longer send or receive anything. Well, I have covered the photographs of the birds of Kaziranga, but the birds of Nameri will have to wait... Will be calling BSNL to's now 8.30am and still the connection says "manual", and it's my Vonage modem which is working now. Part 2 (Nameri) will be posted shortly.