Chennai Vignettes....

January 1, 2009

This is a lovely time of year in Chennai; the weather is pleasant, and the annual music festival is on. It’s a great time to walk around…..

Let me start with the beautiful flowers of the Indian Cork Tree, as they drip in heady-scented stars from above:

akasha mallige 311208

This tree is in the campus of the Ramakrishna Mission Students' Home, or Vivekananda College, as it is popularly known: ramakrishna mission vivekananda college The annual Music Festival is on at many's the Brahma Gana Sabha: brahma gana sabha luz church road 311208 This is the Mylapore Fine Arts venue: mylapore fine arts 311208 A lovely old bungalow on Luz Church Road, who knows how much longer it will be around? old bungalow luz church road 311208 Near the Luz Church, these boys were off to spend the last evening of 2008 playing their favourite game of cricket: cricket players luz church road 311208 Colourful and sycophantic political messages continue to adorn the walls of houses. This one proclaims, "Ayya, Chinna Ayya!" I don't know who is meant, as the custom is not to take the name of any revered person! 311208 political wall poster Right opposite Vivekananda College is this small shop which seems to be making and repairing mridangams... mridangam repair shop opp vivekananda 311208 You can see the basic hollow cylinder that is traditionally made from 'palA' (Jackfruit) wood, being dried in the sun, and another finished mridangam, in the picture. A casuarina bough decorated with baubles and a star makes a brave show of post-Christmas festivity! The wall of Vivekananda College has always been a place where washermen ply their trade, and this little baby donkey will be used to carry loads of washing as these animals have been, for centuries now. Donkeys are traditionally associated with washermen! baby donkey mylapore

Lastly, here is Saravana Bhavan, the eatery on Radhakrishnan Salai….it’s a great place for a quick bite!

saravana bhavan radhakrishnan road

Mini-tour of Mylapore; Filling up an empty hour; First few hours of 2009, I hope the year will turn out fine, Happiness, good health, and more!