The Latest Cleanup....

November 27, 2008

Here’s how the cleanup went…

At Muthathi village, we saw this newborn calf…. you can still see its umblical cord!


Plants snapped.... included this plant, called "Lion's Paw" in Tanzania, alas, I don't know what it's called here! lion's paw S3 221108 muthathi road An un id and beautiful snapdragonish flower: un id snapdragonish flower These very beautiful, balloon-like fruits: unid fruit pod muthathi 221108 CnG I only got a foozly shot of one bird, the BLACK-HOODED ORIOLE, far away and in the foliage: black-hooded oriole 221108 I spotted this DRAGONFLY red dragonfly This GRASSHOPPER grasshopper 221108 and this DUNG BEETLE : dung beetle The morning had begun with a snap of this MOTH in the pre-dawn darkness in my own apartment as I went down to the bus pickup: moth at casa ansal

The beauty of the Muthathi/Bheemeshwari road was awe-inspiring:

muthathi bheemeshwari road

A great day, spent in the lovely outdoors, helping (hopefully) to keep it clean..and green!