The Butterflies (and Two Ants) Over the Weekend...

November 18, 2008

It’s amazing that just when I feel I am not totally ignorant about birds, I start noticing butterflies, and am back to square zero with ids….

I am posting all the photos I have, good, bad (they can’t be ugly because they are butterflies!)….and where I have blanks, could you please help out with the ids and be good friends?

Let me start with the known ones like the PEACOCK PANSY:

161108 ragihalli peacock pansy

The butterflies were everywhere, and I gave in to the temptation of looking at them and snapping (cameraically) at them.... The COMMON PIERROT common pierrot This little one is the PSYCHE: psyche 151108 This one, Karthik confirmed my id of PALE GRASS BLUE: pale grass blue ragihalli 161108 This colourful one is the BLUE PANSY: Blue Pansy 161108 Here's what Aditya says is the male BLUE MORMON: common crow The CERULEAN: cerulean The MOTTLED EMIGRANT (where is it emigrating, I wonder?) Mottled Emigrant And now follows the list of X-rated (unknown,you dirty-minded lot!) flutterby's. photo no. 8869 Photobucket photo no. 8744 un id droopy b'fly VS 151108 no. 8786, a TAWNY COASTER (thank you Aditya Kamath-of-NTP!) Photobucket no. 9010 Photobucket no. 8793 (could it be a ZEBRA BLUE?) 161108 un id b'fly I loved this ant on the Calatropis flowers: ant on calatropis 161108

no. 9041 is also a PEACOCK PANSY, according to Aditya…


no.9044, a PIONEER, according to Aditya

orange-white black b'fly

no.9051,which is a COMMON LEOPARD:

common leopard

I think that I shall never be An authority on a butterflea… What? It’s called a butterfly? Oh, I’ll tell you why I call it that..because I flee When yet another new one I see!

When I saw this image on my laptop, I did try to brush off the ant. So I am very impressed with myself (not for being so dumb but for taking such a snap)..I hope it displays as well on this monitor of yours….

ant on morning glory VS 151108