The Namma Raste,Namma Ooru walk by Hasiru Usiru (Green is Life),9th November 2008

November 13, 2008

Here are some extra pictures….

Here’s a concerned KM who cycled to Lalbagh, and then, with other members of the Bangalore Biking Club (yours truly is a member!) cycled to Town Hall, too…

Km,cycle, AS poster

The poster was made by . It says, roads are not meant only for cars, they are also meant for legs!

A couple of posters that I made: if you cut off the trees what happens to us? poster and 081108 pedestrians without trees Here's one gentleman asking a "green" question... 091108 i do all these things My proud answer is, (like a bride or a groom)..."I do!" Here are Pavitra-Minty and with another poster I made..isn't that tree nice? pavitra and sharath with my poster And don't miss fingers in the picture! ;) Lots of children...that was great to see.... the children Some of my friends from the Bangalore Bikers' (that's cyclists, not motorbikes, though there's one in the photo!) Club turned up in support, too... cyclists 091108 </lj-cut> And let me end with this unrelated, but witty tee that supports Free and Open Source Software: bill gates window foss tee *