Valley School Over Two Weekends....

November 7, 2008

The area around the Valley School is one of my favourites; there is never any lack of lovely sights to see. This is the plaque of the Krishnamurthi Foundation Retreat:

KFI plaque VS 021108

The birds we saw over the past two weekends were of delightful variety; the most spectacular of them, were, of course, the ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER, which I could not get on camera at all. But other beautiful birds did co-operate a little more; here’s a male TICKELL’S BLUE FLYCATCHER:

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher 021108 Valley School 20D

Another first-timer for me was the PIED CUCKOO: pied (crested)cuckoo VS 261008 The BLACK DRONGOs may be common, but still very beautiful with their graceful tails. black drongo vs The Valley School area seems to have more than its share of COPPERSMITH Lalbagh, one sees one of these for every twenty or so SMALL GREEN BARBETs! coppersmith barbet A loud-voiced regular, is, of course, the ASHY PRINIA, singing its heart out... ashy prinia Lots of clutter can't hide the beauty of the female ASIAN KOEL: female koel The female, and then the male, INDIAN ROBIN showed themselves at almost the exact spot on different days! The female: indian robin female The male: male indian robin 261008 Someone in the Valley School had carved an umbrella handle to resemble a vulture, and I thought of 's umbrella crow post ... umbrella handle vulture Just couldn't resist snapping that! One surprise sighting was this POND TERRAPIN, in the little pond near the ruins of the Art Narcissus, it seemed to be contemplating its own reflection: pond terrapin VS 021108 The only other amphibians I was able to photograph were: this very tiny FROG: tiny frog 021108 and this small TOAD: small toad  021108 VS The lush foliage brought out butterflies/moths in plenty, too. This is a SWIFT, but what, exactly, I have not been able to find out: rice swift? 261008 An EVENING BROWN had settled on the ground briefly: evening brown A COMMON CROW also stayed put long enough for a photograph: common crow One certain mode of entertainment on a nature trip is to see a photographer with an increasingly frustrated expression, running here and there behind a flitting butterfly. But then, success.... this is a BLUE TIGER: blue tiger 021108 VS The prismatic beauty of this web behind the butterfly also captivated me! prismatic cobweb 021108 A CHOCOLATE PANSY also alighted on the ground: chocolate pansy This un id butterfly was on a grass blade, with the morning light shining through its translucent wings: emigrant? A COMMON SAILOR, however, sat quietly for us. common sailor Sometimes, one just has to look down, not up; here's a BROWN GRASSHOPPER: brown grasshopper Can you see the green grasshopper here? green grasshopper 261008 VS Of course Karthik always advises us not to handle these creatures, but this times, it just jumped on to my jacket and we had to take it off! grasshopper on hand 261008 VS A CARPENTER BEE added colour to the place: carpenter bee VS 261008 I don't know why this SPIDER was all bunched up like this in the centre of the web: bunched up spider I am lumping the MUSHROOMS with the flowers, they certainly looked as beautiful as any flower. mushroom 261008 VS clover-like mushrooms 261008 I also loved these little cloth roses that someone had left on the pathway: cloth flowers VS 021108 The bud of the MORNING GLORY had its own dewy beauty: 021108 morning glory bud The CLERODENDRUM was in bloom, as usual: clerodendrum flower Some cultivated flowers looked lovely too, as did this POINSETTIA: poinsettia All over, the PASSION FLOWERS showed their exotic beauty: passion flower We came across a very hot (pungent) variety of CHILIS, ripening on the plants: very hot chllies VS 261008 And as for the's most of the group on the 26th of October: the group 261008 and most of 'em on the 2nd of November: part of the group 021108 As we left, we chanced on this MONGOOSE; I just had the camera pointing the right way, so I clicked quickly for this foozly shot: mongoose on road </lj-cut> Two random images I liked very much, to close this. One was of the raindrops on this thorn: raindrop on thorn 021108 And the other, the lovely pattern this fallen palm trunk made, across the stream: fallen tree trunk Looking forward to more birding trips, as winter progresses and more migrants come into Bangalore! *