A little while in Lalbagh.....

November 7, 2008

We had met at the Siddapura gate of Lalbagh to distribute some flyers for the walk on Sunday, and decided that I would take along both the 20D and my MLC as well….a great decision, as it turned out!

The morning light was just fantastic for photography, and I enjoyed the light on the grasses at the edge of the lake:

grasses on bank of lalbagh lake 051108

This photo is not a “good composition”; it flouts the “rule of thirds” and who knows how many other laws..but I like it, so here are the stand of ornamental palms on Lalbagh Lake, with their reflection:

lalbagh lake stand of palms 051108

I was also lucky to sight a PURPLE HERON at the lake: pond heron 061108 It started moving slowly along the reeds, and that was another good opportunity: pond heron backlit 061108 An ASHY PRINIA sat quite comfortably in the bushes: ashy prinia singing lalbagh 061108

A SIGNATURE SPIDER also invited me to click (yes, I swear, it said, “sign here on the zigzag line for a photograph”!)

signature spider lalbagh 061108

Have I ever mentioned how I feel about Lalbagh?…. :)