The flora of Agumbe

October 8, 2008

The flowers of Agumbe were varied and each was more beautiful than the others….as usual, there were only some I could id, and others remained mysterious; let me start with this exquisite three-petal wildflower that I spotted:

un id triangular wildflower

These purple flowers, too, smiled up in their hundreds on the hillsides:

un id wildflower snapdragon like purple

This beautiful flower, from the tree called "Bixa orellana", was called "lipstick flower" by the people at the ARRS: Bixa orellana "lipstick" tree They broke one open to show us the seeds inside: Bixa orellana flower with seeds inside Sometimes, the fruit of the plant also looked very pretty: fruit looking pretty These un id white flowers on stalks were everywhere on the hillside: un id wildflower At several places I also saw this jasmine-like wildflower: jasmine-like wildflower Even when the flowers had fallen off, the calyxes themselves looked lovely: triangle shaped bunch of calyxes Technically, this picture is of MOSS SPORES, but I want to include it in the flower list as the sight is wonderful, with the rain water drops on them! moss spores on rock At some places, ORCHIDS had also sprung up on trees: orchid In keeping with the cobra research at the ARRS, even these flowers had a similar look! Here's one COBRA LILY: Photobucket On the mossy rocks, this tiny little flower bloomed everywhere: un id tiny flower on rocks I loved the delicate lace of this leaf whose veins have been leached out as the vegetable matter disintegrated: leaf skeleton

The AMORPHOPHYLLUS YAM flowers/fruiting bodies were very common, but no less striking for that:

Amorphopallus yam  20D

A feast of colour, shape and form, the flowers on the hillside were a treat in themselves!