October 7, 2008

Addiction is a truly terrible illness. One watches as the addict gets the highs, and then hits the lows…and tries desperately to hit the highs again, and goes into an ever-narrowing downward spiral. More often than not, the addict goes down the primrose path to perdition….never heeding the signs that are clear for everyone else to see, and warnings from those who are concerned are heard, but never listened to..because in the addict’s mind, there is no addiction. Denial is what allows the addict to go on..and on.

The person who can kick an addiction of any kind is really brave. But not many are able to do so, because it is the risk-taking proclivity in the character that leads to the addiction in the first place.

Worse is the suffering of the family and close friends of the addict. They do not experience the highs, but they are hit by the lows. All their good words or scoldings are in vain, and they helplessly watch as the addict suffers, and makes the family suffer, too. And they worry that after the promises made during the lows, the same cycle will repeat later.

No addict ever believes that the statistics apply to everyone; the addict believes hesself to be the exception. The smoker will not get cancer or emphysema; the racegoer’s horse will win one day soon; the casino patron’s number will come up next time….And everyone else watches the same old pattern playing out….they are torn between sadness, sympathy, anger and worry…

Oh well. Nuff of serious stuff. Here’s my mister in the mist…. I can’t belive this man is 60!! To me, he will always be a 28 year old….


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