This makes perfect sense.....

October 5, 2008

To some birders, at some stratospheric level which I will never reach, the following statement makes immediate sense:

the phoenicoptera with a chlorigaster

(Well, yes, I have to own that it does make sense to me, but only I recollect that some pigeons have green bellies (gastro - belly, stomach; chloro - green).

I am going to one day develop a taxonomy with a Sanskrit base not a Latin one!

We are just back a simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g trip to the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station. Stand by for VERY few birds, but butterflies, scorpions, frogs, snakes….and a wonderful village which has a 108-year house where the wonderful TV series, “Malgudi Days” was shot.

While I attempt to upload the hundreds of pics I got (I didn’t take a laptop along, so I have a HUGE job ahead!), read about Malgudi Days:

the writer, R K Narayan ,

All the 39 episodes of Malgudi Days are available for online viewing here .

Some lovely images, including the unforgettable sketches by R K Narayan’s brother, the incredible R K Laxman .

the short stories ,

and even the beloved title song of the series

OK, off to do Navarathri visits at friends’ homes, back later!