The INW meet

September 12, 2008

When the Mysore members of INW thought about having a meet, some of the Bangalore gang decided we would join in….

So (in alphabetical order) Anush, Mahesh, KM, Sharath, and I set off on Saturday morning. Two people who could not join us in our car, were and ; the latter arrived directly at the venue, Rangayana (which I had seen before when I went as part of the crew of the Golden Chariot).

Here’s the lovely icon at the gate of Rangayana:

rangayana figure 060908

Two of the INW Team were there; here's : entering Rangayana Pictures, Images and Photos We gathered together at the amphitheatre, and all of us introduced ourselves. Here's Mr K U Varghese who has named his children Nikon and Canon (I you not!) 060908 K U Varghese/Nikon and Canon Pictures, Images and Photos We asked him what would have happened if he had two daughters..."no problem!" he laughed, "I would have called them Konica and Yashica!" We moved into the Rangayana Hall, where H S Ganesh , the photographer who believes that rules should not rule us, gave a talk on Creative Nature Photography: creative nature photography session ganesh 060908 Pictures, Images and Photos After the talk on post-processing by Sudhir, we all had lunch, and then went to Karanji Lake, where the big guns lined up: big guns at Karanji Lake Here are PAW (Photographers At Work)! paw... Lokesh,Sudheer and the Mysore group of INW had even organized tea and biscuits at the park in the evening, and then we all dispersed; some of us to go back, and some of us stayed back to go birding in Chamundi Hills the next morning. So (again in alphabetical order) Anush,Alwan,Deepak,Garima,Gayathri,KM and I(grammar rules say I have to add "I" at the end!) set off with Subhargya Das (a *superb* wildlife photographer on INW in Mysore) to see what we could see in the foot slopes of Chamundi are Garima, KM, Gayathri, and Deepak: garima km gayathri deepak vinjamoor Pictures, Images and Photos Let me hasten to add, there's also the CR-V, Mr KM's favourite wife.... You want to see one of Alwan's photographs on INW? Here's one I really like: It was most enjoyable putting faces to several name whose work I have admired on INW... It's summed up very nicely by this collage by Gowreesh Kapani that I posted about ! </lj-cut> Here's the GP (Group Photo) which I gave someone my MLC to take.... INW Mysore meet 060908 Great job by the Mysore INW group....Thank you for a memorable weekend!