August 22, 2008

I was feeling very sick the entire day, and in the evening I was overcome (that’s the only word to describe the craving that came over me…overcame me!) by a longing for chocolate, so I went and got a bar from the friendly neighbourhood calorie store.

chocolate cadbury's 210808

Having done that, I put half the bar down and decided I would have it only as an after-dinner treat; so I put it down and went off to see a play (Common Man, by Yours Truly theatre, the improvisation by the cast was excellent, though I have seen the play earlier, too). I resolutely did NOT look at it before dinner.

But now….ah…I sat down here, and it’s such a warm, inviting smell. I savour the aroma deeply. Bangalore is cool enough that when I pick it up with my fingers, the bar doesn’t go gooey all over them, and force me to eat it immediately. I can nibble the edges and feel the deliciousness of the chocolate in my mouth. I am afraid, glutton that I am, that my being is concentrated in my mouth and taste buds for a few seconds. The chocolate quite literally melts in the mouth (and this is the common-or-garden chocolate by Cadbury’s, not any gourmet stuff.) I know that it’s going to grin at me from various points on my body when I look in the mirror in a few days, but I care not a whit.

I am not fond of white chocolate, and would prefer dark chocolate, but today, any chocolate would do…and did. No woman wailed for her demon lover with the determination that I went off with, to buy that single bar!

I love chocolate from Cadbury's to Godiva to those fancy liqueur-filled chocs; I would be hard put to decide if I liked Ferrero Rocher better than Tobler One; I would probably ask for several samples of each to help me decide.... And a strange thing...I love having chocolate with sips of water in between, I can never figure out why. I will drink more than half a litre of water with the amount of chocolate in this pic. I still remember with regret that we were driving from the US into Canada, and at the duty-free I saw a large bottle of Cadbury's chocolate liqueur. I was persuaded to buy it on the way back..and that never happened, becuase the bottle was gone when we returned a few days later. Oooh...chocolate...when I die, I hope that if I have a tombstone, instead of being inscribed as the late Deponti, I will be entered as the choco-late Deponti.... ...this post is dedicated to you!