Art in Unlikely Places

August 21, 2008

I went to oversee the construction of a flat for someone I know, and the central ventilation shaft was being cemented. And on the rough cement, I found that someone had expressed hesself: peacock navnit vaidurya 160808

The peacock is really nice, and very appealing, but the next wall completely defeated me:

weird animals navnit vaidurya 160808

What animals are those? The animal in front is engaged in producing bio-waste, as it is delicately referred to; but why on earth is it being so carefully collected in a bowl? I could understand if it were a bird like a goose or a hen, the eggs would be valuable…but this by-product? Perhaps it is a cow, and the dung will later be patted on the wall and dried to make fuel…but those animals certainly do not look like any cows that I have ever seen, with those rabbit-like ears or the pig-like body…. so, as I said, I am still at a loss!

And on that note….Happy Birthday to ...he has a most interesting LJ, go visit it!