Independence Day....

August 15, 2008

As my broadband connection decided to stop working at the beginning of a long weekend when BSNL will certainly not rectify any problems, it’s 8.35 pm when I am able to post a nice picture of our Tiranga (“three colours”, for non-Indians)….

rajiv gandhi memorial 300708

I am still mulling over what independence is…I see my neighbour’s dog, sleek and well-fed, cared for and loved, with a collar that marks her lack of independence….and I see the street dog, with its ribs sticking out, cringing at the stones it expects to be thrown any minute, yet hopeful that a scrap of food will be thrown its way….is independence always good if it is not accompanied by financial independence? But yet so many people choose it…people in highly-paid jobs move to work where they will be independent, and do not count the rewards in terms of money.

I am very thoughtful today; yesterday I attended a panel discussion, at which, after listening to speakers from the IT sector and the police describing the security measures being taken to counter terrorism in this city, someone in the audience got up and forcibly made the point, that it is the poor people who are the least protected by the police, and they who are the most affected by acts of terrorism. So I am pondering over the eternal question of why those who need the most protection never fall under society’s umbrella, why the weak are left to fend for themselves….

Oh, well…have a happy weekend, all of you!