A compliment and the reply to it...

July 22, 2008

I had started an egroup for COSTIIMA (Class Of Seventy-Three, Indian Insitute of Management,Ahmedabad) and have been moderating it ever since.

Recently, there have been a huge spate of compliments that I have been doing a good job (I am the one who has benefited a lot…I have got to know so many people, in fact, I got to know Beheruz so well that I went and stayed with him and Madhavi twice at Atlanta!)…and another classmate of KM’s sent this:

A small token in appreciation of all that you have done.

Hawaaon ke haath ik armaan bheja hai,

Raushni ke zariye ek paigam bheja hai,

Fursat mile toh kabool kar lena,

Is nacheez ne aapko salaam bheja hai ……….

(I have) sent, by the wind, a wish– Through the light, sent a message; If you find the time, accept it– This nothing (literally, “no thing”) has sent you a salutation….

Here’s my response to Gautam, in my “phonetic” Roman script…

kyA bOloon jawAb mEin…tOhfA thO niklA bahut badA….

jiskO Ap sAgar kehlAthEy hain, vOh thO hai bas ek ghadA!

kabool karthee hoon nathmastak, yeh bhEint jisEy pyAr kEy sAth ApnEy diyA…

bhar gayA dil merA, bhar gayee AnkhEn, bhar gayA mErA jiyA!

What can I say in reply…the gift has turned out to be very big… What you call an ocean, is just a small vessel! I accept, with bent head, this gift that you have sent with love; My heart is full, my eyes are full, and my soul is full!

AdAb arz, Gautam Bhai….

“nAcheez” unhE kehlAthey hain, jinkEy dookAn mEin Amul na hO… apnEy kO “nAcheez” kehlAnA..aisEy phir kabhee bhool na hO!

Thank you, Gautam, my brother…

“no cheese” is the name for those who don’t have (Amul brand)cheese in their shops… To call yourself a “nothing” is a mistake I hope you won’t make again!

dhanyavAd sahith,

With thanks,