A mind like a lotus...or a lily....

July 21, 2008

In my last post, I had said, “I do want my mind to be like the lotus on the pond…even when moving because of the water currents, not losing its mooring, and looking calm and serene. Born in the filth and stagnation, it is yet so pristine and beautiful, and instead of looking at the mire in which it took birth, it looks up towards the sun, and draws its sustenance from above as well as from below.”

Quite aptly, on Sunday, when we went birding to Ragihalli in the Bannerghatta Forest area, Geetanjali and Subir took us to a small lake where there were WHITE LOTUSES in profusion, and only white and mauve lilies. Just the sight of these flowers took my breath away for a while.

Here’s the WHITE LOTUS:

blooming white lotus

And here’s the water on the lotus leaf, which does not soak the leaf at all but rolls off and leaves it undisturbed :

water on lotus leaf and bud

Here are three water lilies, with their reflections in the water; thank you, Avinash, for showing me this view! So too, must one reflect upon oneself….

lilies and their reflections

I am feeling very low (probably my mood is at the bottom of that lake!) just now, and I will wait until later to make the Ragihalli trip post. I must say, yesterday was a lovely day which gave me a lot of peace.

But now…there are tears in my heart as well as in my eyes…I suppose I will be OK tomorrow. Serenity is not easy to find!