A huge fortune....

July 19, 2008

A huge fortune awaits the person who can show people how to completely control the rush of their thoughts….

It’s been exactly one month, and though I know that thirty days as such are meaningless, today the thoughts are a torrent, rushing with cataract force through my mind. Worst of all are the thoughts of “Perhaps if I had…” and “perhaps if I hadn’t…”

The human mind is the reason why we have philosophy, religion, the esoteric arts….we struggle to make sense of what we feel is beyond our scope to comprehend.

I suspect that more than space, the ocean, the universe or the sub-atomic fields…it is the human mind which will remain the final frontier, which humankind will never be able to analyze or understand fully.

I do want my mind to be like the lotus on the pond…even when moving because of the water currents, not losing its mooring, and looking calm and serene. Born in the filth and stagnation, it is yet so pristine and beautiful, and instead of looking at the mire in which it took birth, it looks up towards the sun, and draws its sustenance from above.

Enough lousy philosophy! Hoping to spend time with friends today….