Thattekad...the fungi/mushrooms and reptiles

July 16, 2008

Because of the rain and high humidity, the fungi and mushrooms were there in a bewildering variety; I am also including the skink and lizard photographs here.

One of the most spectacular ones was this STINKHORN FUNGUS

I certainly didn’t go near it to smell it!

Stinkhorn fungus

I didn't know the id of this one, so I just called it the STAR MUSHROOM! star mushroom? Similarly, I just call this the UMBRELLA MUSHROOM (anyone who knows the correct id, please let me know, thank you!) umbrella mushroom? Some of the fungi were as pretty as flowers.... Baccourea courtallensis Karthik says that this looks like a SNAKE SKINK (say it three times fast!).... what a beauty it is! red-tailed skink (karthik: snake skink) The post of the FLYING LIZARD is here Here's the more common CALOTES VERSICOLOR: calotes versicolor (garden lizard) thattekad 170608

But this is the much rarer FOREST CALOTES (Calotes rouxii)…thanks for the id, Karthik…. with the red head of the breeding season:


Here’s 's photo of it

Next post on Thattekkad…some of the trees….