Thattekad...the bugs , the reptiles , the crustaceans,and the amphibians....

July 15, 2008

Here’s a TORTOISE BEETLE, one of the beautiful creatures we beheld on our trip to Thattekad, Kerala, where and I visited the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

tortoise beetle

I’ll post later about the details of our journey, and the comfortable homestay we had; but this post is going to be about the various small creatures we saw in the Bird Sanctuary, and on the Periyar. I have already posted about the lizards, but here are some others:

Here are all the signs at the entrance of theSalim Ali Bird Sanctuary:

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary various signboards

We saw a wonderful variety of insects and butterflies….

Here's the SIGNATURE SPIDER, making the "X" that is part of its "signature" on its web: signature spider This one's the LUNA MOTH: luna moth We found this un id-ed, but beautiful, CATERPILLAR on the bamboo trunk: un id cat on bamboo I like SPITTLE BUGS, with their frothy nests... spittle bug This DAMSELFLY also looked very ethereal and pretty: damselfly I know only a few dragonflies by name, but the PADDYFIELD SKIMMER is one of them. Here's the male: paddyfield skimmer male And the female: paddyfield skimmer female I thought of when I saw this snail. Id, anyone? Photobucket Sudeesh told us this one is a YAMFLY: Photobucket Karthik id'd this one tentatively as a FLAT. I could get a picture only because the rain stopped briefly and it was flying about: &quot;Flat&quot; b'fly We also spotted this MALABAR RAVEN: malabar raven This SLUG was crawling along on the trunk of a tree, all wet and slimy, as if the weather wasn't wet and slimy enough! slug on tree trunk Everywhere the GIANT WOOD SPIDERS had built their webs, and we often had to move out of their path: Giant Wood Spider On one tree trunk we spotted this LANTERN FLY: lantern fly And here's a SKIPPER, which Karthik id'd for me as a CHESTNUT BOB: chestnut bob skipper The sun, when it came shining through in brief intervals, shone on these webs: Photobucket I have never seen RIVER CRABS before; I thought crabs were only found by the sea! river crab (?) The first evening, Sudeesh took us along the lane near our homestay, and we found this UN ID FROG (Adarsh says it is a bronze frog): un id frog Here's another frog in profile: un id frog 170608 thattekad </lj-cut> The most amazing sight, of course, was the sight of two frogs mating right next to this UN ID SNAKE (Olive Keelback, is Adarsh's tentative id): frogs mating near a snake Here's Adarsh's picture of it, on INW: The post about the various creatures mating in the monsoon rain is here and the one about the Draco is here Next post, the birds....and then, possibly, the trees....and then the mammals....;