A Post Dealing Only with Sex

July 6, 2008

Hah, caught your attention didn’t I?

Well, though…it’s not Sex and the City, but sex and the monsoon, and sex and the forest.

The monsoon is a time for fecundity…for the flora and the fauna. Everywhere there is new growth, and what is amazing to me is how the tiny creatures of the forest find each other to perpetuate themselves. All these were taken at Thattekad; the poor quality of the photographs is due to the fact of the pouring rain and the low light and nothing whatsoever (of course) to do with my lack of expertise in handling the cameras under such conditions .

Here are a variety of life forms meeting that ancient Chinese philosoper, Ma Ting:

Here are a pair of crickets:


A pair of flies: Photobucket A pair of dragonflies: Photobucket A pair of millipedes: Photobucket A pair of what M S Ram from INW informs me are tortoise beetles: tortoise beetles mating

And the most amazing sight of all….


These two frogs were mating, oblivious of their enemy, a snake, right next to them! The snake rested partly on the toes of the frog at the bottom, and the frog on top had one of its limbs on the snake. It was an incredible sight, and we whipped out our cameras and tried to get the scene, in spite of the very poor light and the over-bright reflections off the water.

Obviously, the rains equal creation, and procreation, in the forest. But how each tiny creature finds a mate in all those square miles…is still a mystery to me!