June 20, 2008

I had hardly entered my home after the Thattekkad trip when I got the news….I lost my dearly beloved brother….

I drove down to Chennai with a little help and a lot of support from and it's SO unreal, that my brother, my little kid-brother with that incredibly happy, sunny outlook on life, that gifted musician with a great sense of humour, is now a pile of ashes....

Sudden, fast, unexpected…that’s life.

It’s only my brother’s wife (who is as dear to me as my own sister) and I who have to take care of things here. KM is in the US….there is no other immediate family.

When one person is emotionally devastated, the other has to keep cool, take care of arrangements, see to the feeding of visitors and guests, and do a hundred and one things…there is no time for tears, maybe I can shed them later, maybe they will dry up unshed….

I will be back to some semblance of normality….in a while….

Keep me in your thoughts please.