May 25, 2008

I am really impressed by the way garbage is handled in Kodaikanal. Though the Kodai festival is one, and there is a huge influx of both day trippers as well as staying tourists, the lakeside area remains pretty clean, and I find a lot of pourakramiks/pourakramikas hard at work early in the morning, cleaning up the area. The lake, too, is remarkably plastic- and trash-free. Where there is a will, there is, indeed, a way.

No time, or indeed, the inclination, to go and sit in an internet parlour, especially because it means lugging my laptop there and then coming back to my hotel room, if I want to post pictures (I am using a Reliance card and it cannot be used to post pics.) I just love to walk around the lake or take a cycle (the basket holds the 20D, and the S3 too)….yes, it’s crowded, but it’s also very interesting!

I must come back home and post the pic of “Caramel Custurd” (sic) that was served in our hotel….I know that feels we are being elitist about finding humour in such misspellings, but I don't really agree with him, because I find these things humourous without necessarily feeling in any way superior to the people who put up the notices....and in this case, it's a five-star hotel which, I think, should certainly get "custard" spelt properly, especially given the humour value of the last four letters as they have spelt them!