Off for a Week...

May 19, 2008

I am off to be a golf widow, but let me see what internet access I can get…I hope to walk a lot, get some photography and birding practice, but am going to miss a lot of things quite intensely….

But meanwhile, here’s a lovely image I got in front of a Dargah at the K R Market area yesterday. The minarets and flag of the Muslim holy place are reflected in the glass, which is the new holy material of architecture in my city….


And yet the reflective facade opens, and reveals the man within; the man is himself reflecting, on who knows what profound thoughts….

I just loved this image as it appeared before me, and clicked quickly. “Clicked quickly”…can you say that five times, non-stop, very fast? :)

It was also nice to meet again; I have enjoyed his moblogs a lot, but haven't heard much from him lately....apparently, some tech glitch, can you say THAT five times, fast?