May 12, 2008

Someone I know has been agonizing over taking one particular professional exam for months now. She has worried about it, studied for it, taken a mock exam…and still continued to worry. I was wondering when she would stop thinking about how she would do on it, and take it,at last…because I was convinced that she would pass WFC…With Flying Colours. The trouble, and the psychological block of this exam is, that the pass mark is 85%!

Also, if she passed it, the company for which she works would pay the exam fees, otherwise, she would have to do so…

….So she finally did take it last week. And passed. (She got 196/200 but that I think may not be very material to her, though it’s the kind of performance that I thought she would achieve, all along.)

The perception of a tough peak ahead is often more daunting to a mountaineer than the peak itself….

Very happy for .

“Climb every mountain Ford every stream Follow every rainbow Till you find your dream” (Sound of Music)