Great inter-racial photograph

May 9, 2008

The photographs on India Nature Watch are a source of wonder, solace, interest, information– and sometimes amusement.

Here’s a “black and white” photograph with a witty caption…

What I like is the fact that someone had this thought when he took the photograph!

Off to Bannerghatta, where the next batch of the JLRNTP-1 is starting today…I do like meeting people who take the course ( is going to be one of them) and I hope to get in a little birding, too.

Meanwhile, here’s one small flower from the raceme of the Queen’s Flower:


The scientific name for the tree is LAGERSTROEMIA SPECIOSA….to me, that takes all the beauty and wonder and fun out of that tree…I know that scientific names are necessary, but…I would love to admire a Queen’s Flower, but I don’t think a LAGERSTROEMIA SPECIOSA would enthuse me too much. So a rose by another name might NOT smell as sweet!

Here’s more info about the tree . You would think they would put up a colour photograph (or a colour painting) of such a beautiful flower, wouldn’t you? Oh no, they put in a black-and-white sketch, which brings me back to the black-and-white photograph above….