Flash on the Pan....

May 6, 2008

No, I don’t have that subject title wrong…

Every day, as I go about my morning chores, I take out one pan to heat my morning thimbleful (all I allow myself! caffeine! caffeine!) coffee, and I love the effect of the morning sunlight on it.

So yesterday I wasted some time capturing the effect…here it is on a towel:


Here, with the coffee in it:<h1></h1>

and here, on the polished granite of the kitchen counter (there’s the green of the plants in my kitchen window, reflected in the granite too:


There’s so much beauty in the kitchen in the morning….I don’t feel it’s drudgery at all! If only Cinderella had an S3, I think she would not be moping amongst the cinders, but trying to catch the glow of the embers and seeing if a high ISO would help….of course then, like me, she would be behindhand with her work and her stepmother would have something to say about that…