Birds at Bandipur.....

April 29, 2008

Well, since That Mammal is still grimly determined that I will never see its visage (or even a twitch of its tail), let me share all the other wonderful sights of Bandipur…. Here are some of the birds (all pretty common, no Darwinian discoveries here!) that I saw.

Very common at this time of the year is the BLACK-RUMPED FLAMEBACK WOODPECKER (Dinopium benghalense…dunno why it’s called “Din-OPIUM”!!), which can be seen flying about, and boring the tree-trunks (you can see a small piece falling to the ground from its work, if you look carefully!)

Black-Rumped Flameback (Dinopium benghalense)bandipur

Also fairly easy to sight were the CRESTED SERPENT EAGLEs; this one was sitting not too far away for a brief while:

crested serpent eagle on brach bandipur

Here's a closer that sharp look! crested serpent eagle bandipur 270408 And then the eagle flew away, but I loved the picture the bird's wings and the tree-branch made (even though not terribly in focus!) we have liftoff...crested serpent eagle 260408 Also easily spotted was the GREY JUNGLE FOWL: grey jungle fowl bandipur 270408 Of course, many birds kept to their rule of keeping their back to me at all times. Here's the CHANGEABLE HAWK EAGLE; I struggled to get a decent shot in the low light: how to improve this shot? The amazing thing was, this eagle was being mobbed by this RUFOUS TREEPIE! But ultimately, it was the treepie who flew away, and the Hawk Eagle remained... rufous treepie bandipur 270408 The PEAFOWL were out in full breeding plumage at Bandipur. Here's a female, showing the typical orange under-feathers: peahen 270408 bandipur The beauty of a full-grown male is...incredible, no matter how many times one sees it: magnificient peacock bandipur 270408 Here's the beautiful horizontal arc the bird makes against the ground: horizontal pic of peacock 270408 As I went to the gate to leave, I caught sight of this LARGE GREY BABBLER making a meal of someone's banana on the JLR campus: large grey babbler bandipur

We did see several other birds, but these were the photographs I got! As always, the mammal sightings were great too, but that’s going to be another post….