April 25, 2008

…a whine is the most difficult sound on earth to bear with,it goes through one’s head…. But it has to be borne sometimes. That’s the only way to prevent it from increasing in volume.

Here, for all my sick-for-Bangalore-darshini-food friends abroad, is a plate of RAVA IDLI in Park View, the little eatery near my home:

rava idli Park View 230408 mrepctres

And here’s the beautiful spiral that’s left by unravelling the plantain leaf in which the KADUBU, a typical Mangalore dish, is steamed, and after the Kadubu has become an ex-Kadubu and slipped into the past tense…

kadubu in the past tense...Park View Restaurant apr 08

The other speciality of Park View is their Neer Dosa….will photograph it one of these days.