April 9, 2008

Some of the people I invited called for the Devanarayadurga trip pleaded off saying they were busy, and apparently (from their blogs) they have gone off to other birding destinations. Humph. I think there is this whole big snootiness about not going with a “less experienced” birder, or going with a “more experienced” birder…. and also going with someone who will “have more sightings” as someone helpfully explained to me. Also, I have slowly come to notice that when these others go birding/wildlifing, I don’t get calls from THEM, and only see by their blogs where they have been.

There is only one birder who has continued to call me once in a while to accompany hem/hir.

Oh well, I called all of them with good intentions (which is what the pathway to hell is paved with.)

Note to myself: don’t invite all and Sundari next time.